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Ship of Fools

Inspired by jungian psychology the ship of fools is a vessel for recovering and exploring the "Mundus Imaginalis"; the world of the mythopoetic imagination.

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As a learning community of explorers, we facilitate and arrange workshops, events and courses with the aspiration of making jungian psychology accessible in a way that is experiential and embodied, creative and caring.


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19. NOVEMBER 2022

Urban Retreat

With Nikolaj Knub, Alexander Grigat, Martin Lund and Emil Grinder

A weekend of soul exploration, active imagination and integration practices offered at Virkelig on Nørrebro

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“It is the heart, after all, that is the “organ” of the Imagination. And it is in that pulsing, hot and muscular star within us that creation and discovery merge. It is in the heart that the inner and the outer become one. So learning the Imagination is learning the ways of the heart - and this means learning to open to the world”
Tom Cheetham, Imaginal Love
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